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None of the visible artworks are created by me. They are used as references to show how I imagine the game to look like.
There will be a reference list at the bottom.
I am responsible for the idea and the game design.
Infested is a board game prototype that I have created in 2016 for applying to different universities in about 4 months. Taking place on a spacestation on Mars, 4-6 players have to escape after beeing attacked by alien parasites. Half of the group is infested and the other half needs to find keycards in order to start an escape ship. But none of the players know who is fighting for which side. After a few rounds the infected players are able to transform into an alien. They would gain new, powerful abilities but they would also lose their cover and they won’t be able to use any gadgets or weapons anymore. The players need to play carefully and try to find out who to trust and who they need to fight.
Reference list: