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Robot Escape

A university project created in 2017 in 3 weeks with 5 other colleagues.
I was responsible for game and level design and putting everything together.
The Player is controlling an old robot which was sorted out to be dismantled. He needs to find a way to escape the factory while hiding from other robots. The player can use a tool to make boxes float in the air to solve puzzles and build his own way through the level. But only two boxes can float at the same time and the tool has only 3 charges.
The level is divided up in three areas. The first area functions as a tutorial. The player should get used to the mechanics before entering the second area which offers a lot more options. I want the players to experiment with the mechanics. For that reason the second area is much bigger compared to the other ones. There are some paths included which are more obvious than others and there are also a lot of options for the player to build his own way.

Unity Project: Robot Escape Playthrough