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Factory District (Far Cry 5) (wip)

I have started working on this project in 2019. It is still work in progress.

The first photo was taken by me when I helped a friend moving into his new appartment and found this old factory. I wanted to use it as a reference to create a scene in Unity and set this location in a grim near future where the bridge is used by police as a checkpoint. While I was in Maya to create the blockout I got more and more ideas for using this as a foundation to make a playable level out of it.

I created a sketch for the overall layout and switched to the Far Cry 5 editor because it offers plenty of assets. My goal is to build an abandoned factory which has been taken over by some local militia forces who use it as their base. The factory will be connected by a bridge to an office tower. In both buildings will be one target that the player has to eliminate.