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Venice: Tides to come

"Venice: Tides to come" is a game that takes place in a future in which we as humanity failed to save Venice from global warming.
In 5 months we had to create a game from scratch to raise awareness to one of the 17 SDGs. Our goal was to show the impact of global warming and we took Venice as the playground because it is already endangered today by the rising sea level.

I was the team leader of this university project and responsible for planning, coordination, game design, and level design.

We had to make some sacrifices in order to manage to deliver a working game but I am still proud of my team and what we achieved for the given time and resources.
The game can be played traditionally with mouse and keyboard but also in VR which adds a lot to the immersion.
In addition to the game we created a webcomic which functions as a prologue:

Sunken Venice